Skylar's Doll

Earlier this summer my friend contacted me to make a doll for her sweet daughter's birthday. I loved making it for her. Such a lovely doll for such a lovely girl. 

The dress material with cupcakes and polka dots is pure sweetness. 

And, of course, the cupcake ribbon headband adds a touch of decadence.

The thigh high boots with lace trim are one of my favorite parts!

Such a delight to make and send to dear Skylar.



This sweet little girl of mine loves to paint. 

And paint. 

And paint. 


elephant parade

I made up this elephant pattern 5 or 6 years ago and just love it. I love how with a simple change of fabric the entire elephant  style changes. The hand stitched ears add that perfect touch. 


Jude's quilt

I love how basic and timeless this quilt is. The navy blue, grey, and white pattern edged in the yellow is just so classic. 

It is crib size and perfect for little-man snuggling. 


I backed the quilt in a solid navy blue flannel to make the quilt as snuggly as possible. 

And, of course, edged in an eye catching yellow binding.