Blue and Gold Banquet cake

Josh ended up being on a job for Todd's blue and gold banquet. Last minute I realized that it was me that was supposed to be doing the cake with Todd. The candy shop and grocery was raided and this is what we ended up with. Neither Todd or myself had ever done a cake like this but it was pretty fun. Just time consuming.

He won an award for the #1 National Park. Even though all the boys won an award Todd was stoked about his. :)

I adore his native american designs on the tepee.

I think the fire circle out of chocolate rocks is the best. 

We raided the mini animals and found the eagle, beaver, & raccoon. 


Anna's bowls

These are the wonderful ceramic bowls that I received from the barter with Anna. They are beautiful and timeless. I am thrilled to own her pottery. There were 2 larger bowls and and a set of 4 smaller bowls. 

I really like how the bowls have so much character. 

They are just beautiful works of art.

I take such pleasure in using them in the kitchen and at the table. 

With the set of 4 nesting bowls she gave them an anthropologie look when she hand painted them. I adore them. These 4 are my favorite. The style is perfection. 

The swirls in the bowls are mesmerizing and beautiful, too. 
And, that yellow... heck yes. 

They're just so pretty and I'm grateful to finally have a chance to show these to you. 

And the inscriptions on the bottom are the icing on the cake. Each one has a sweet signature that also declares it mine! They just couldn't get any better. 

I dying to know when I get to barter with her again!


quilt for Anna

Last year my friend, Anna, brought me a quilt that she had tried to make. It just working out for her and wanted to barter services. I was so excited! You see, Anna works wonders with ceramics and I couldn't wait to get myself some of her pottery. 

It took a bit of work but I was happy to do it. And she did give me the layout of how she wanted it and the corner blocks on the quilt top finished. I assembled the top as best as I could and wound up with this beauty. 

I had a great time free motion quilting it, too. There are the flower shapes along the border. I used chalk to hand draw out the flower shapes and then  traced the chalk with the free motion foot. I quilted in the ditch on the center. It emphasized that beautiful pattern.

There wasn't enough of any one fabric to do a solid backing and I didn't want Anna to have to go out and buy any more fabric so I pieced these blocks together. I did my best to do blocks similar to the blocks and patterns on the quilt top. I really like how it turned out.

Here's a close up of the quilting in the ditch for the center quilt top pattern.

And the free motion flowers. This was my first attempt and this design and I'm quite proud of it. This is such a beautiful and cherished quilt. 

I can't wait to show you the bowls I received in return!!


pom pom blanket

I whipped up this beauty the other week. I just want to snuggle up every baby in it. The top is by Anna Maria Horner and I used a solid on the back. I added the light pink pom poms on the longer sides.

I stitched the blanket every few inches so that it will stay secure but still have a little loftiness and snuggliness to it. 

Those pom poms are the perfect whimsical touch. 

Having a basic solid on the back with the contrasting color stitches is a great balance with the beautiful busy fabric on the front.